Nobody snubs Meryl and gets away with it

Over the summer, superhuman actress and feminist icon, Meryl Streep, sent packages to every member of congress, consisting of a letter asking for support for the Equal Rights Amendment and a book on equal rights.

“I sent them each a book called Equal Means Equal by Jessica Neuwirth. It’s about the revival of the attempt to get an ERA that would codify in law that you can’t discriminate against women,” she told The Hollywood Reporter while at the Telluride Film Festival.

She went on discuss inequality in the entertainment business, to which Streep has personally seen. While she believes there are more opportunities for women in the entertainment business specifically in television, feature films are lagging behind, noting that the number of movies directed by women has decreased from 4 percent, a few years ago, to a dismal 1 percent. “It has to do with our discomfort with women in leadership, “ she says.

Unfortunately for the star of the upcoming Suffragette, a film about the British Women’s rights movement in the late 19th Century and early 20th Century, she only heard back form 5 members of congress.

Still, Streep is undeterred in her support for equality. If congress won’t listen, she’ll take her mission all the way to the Pope. “He must address the issues of inequality. The conversation changes with women are at the table,” she said.

Now all we have to do is wait for Streep to star in her own biopic. I’m already calling it an Oscar front-runner.



What I Learned About Maturity from Being Trolled Online

I love Twitter. It’s a great place to see streamlined news, for celebrities to connect with fans, and to see the best and the worst the internet has to offer.

Being a user of the internet means I’ve directly come into contact with internet “trolls” on numerous websites like Buzzfeed, YouTube, and Twitter, itself, among others. Every time I’ve seen it, I’ve shaken my head in disgust, noting the immaturity of the poster and not giving it a second thought. Until today, that is, when I came into contact with trolls.

Earlier today, I tweeted out a link to a New York Times article centered around a current political scandal making waves in my home state of Maine.

While admittedly, the language was strong, it wasn’t harsh compared to the millions of nasty comments I’d seen online. I was condemning these latest actions of a public figure. I tweeted it at him, not because I was trying to be nasty, but I wanted him to know what his constituents thought about his actions.  

I used the hashtag #mepolitics because I like hashtags and I was tweeting about Maine Politics, not because I was looking for a response. I’m almost never looking for a response, so I was surprised with what I got.

The Bangor Daily News columnist responded, adorably, confirming what I’ve known for years: I’m a spokesperson for anyone who has ever had a single Liberal thought in their life.

After a singular eye-roll, I moved on and continued to eat my omelette (which was incredible, in case you were wondering). Then, I got another tweet, this one more personal.

In this one, the user attacked me personally after clicking on the link provided in my Twitter Bio, which took him to this site, and clicking the About tab. Now my immediate thought after reading the tweet was, “DUH, I’m not lying when I say I’m trying to figure out how to be an adult.” But then it occurred to me that this man, a government official, who works at the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, was trying to provoke me to elicit an emotional response.

I was floored. I knew that perfecting my Real Housewives’ dramatic shocked face was not done in vain. Also, I was thrilled that someone had actually visited my site.

You may be thinking, “Meg, two people sent nasty tweets to you. This barely counts as trolling.” It’s important to note that I wasn’t offended by either comment, as we all have opinions. I was, however fascinated by the notion that someone would try and attack me as a person for having a differing opinion.

Just knowing that someone would try and say something to make you feel shitty about yourself is weird. I had never met this guy, let alone heard of him and he was attempting to make me feel like I don’t matter. 

Instead I felt empowered. I have a voice and I’m not afraid to use it. 

Next time you encounter a troll who’s trying to make you feel small, let it make you ten times bigger.


Shout out to this guy for having my back. Rock on.

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Fighting Back, Fighting Fast

Yesterday, word broke that Viner/young internet personality, Carter Reyonds, pressured his former girlfriend into giving him oral sex. A video of the ordeal quickly caught the attention of media and went viral.

The video shows 19-year-old Reynolds coaxing fellow social media star Maggie Lindemann, who is 16, despite her saying “No” multiple times.

This isn’t the first time an social media maven has been thrusted into the spotlight due to Sexual Assault allegations. YouTuber Sam Pepper faced multiple reports of sexual harassment back in January and Viner Curtis Lepore took a plea deal to dismiss the felony rape charge against him in February.

Just a day later, incredible organization (one that I used to intern for) struck back swiftly and powerfully. In their new campaign, Just Because, DoSomething highlights the need for consent ALWAYS, regardless of relationship status.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 9.47.24 PM

With so many young people falling under the influence of these young, hot, internet sensations, it’s incredibly for an organization like DoSomething, which has over 3.9 million users between 13-25, to stand up.

I’m not the only one who noticed. Internet King, and human rights activist, Tyler Oakley, took to Twitter to sing his praises.

Reynolds released his own statement via Twitter, confirming the video and admitting to some wrongdoing but writes the event off as “couples do that stuff all the time.” His lack of understanding leaves those vulnerable to his influence unable to understand the importance of “No means no.”

Acting fast and acting properly is important. Thanks for “standing up for the user,”

Home But Still Homesick

I’ve been home from London for roughly 10 days. I knew it would be an adjustment: time wise and otherwise (living under my mother’s roof again, being broke, etc.) but nothing could have prepared me for the homesickness I feel for London.


While I think most of my peers loved London, they seemed ready to leave when time called for it. I, on the other hand, had a really hard time leaving. In fact, sometimes it feels like a dream and I’m going to wake up in Reid Hall and head out for a walk in Regent’s Park.

I was kind of a mess when I left. I was sitting in Starbucks in Heathrow Terminal 5 and I opened my Spotify and started listening to my London 2015 playlist, a playlist of songs and artists I spent a lot of time listening to during the semester. Give by Iwan Rheon (Simon from Misfits/Ramsay from Game of Thrones) started playing and my eyes immediately started welling up with tears. This happened five more times on the plane, as I watched The Imitation Game, when the stewardess asked if I wanted coffee or tea and once, awkwardly in the bathroom.

It was almost like I was leaving behind a significant other. Instead, I left behind a city I fell in love with. I left behind Regent’s Park, Nando’s, Portobello Market, Wetherspoon’s, Walkabout, the Museum of Natural History, and all the other things I fell in love with while here. I hope to make it back to London soon and maybe even call it home for a while.

Being home is weird. I have to drive everywhere again, which admittedly, I don’t mind, but it’s been hard having my London bubble burst. I may be broke and back in Maine but London, you’ll always have my heart.

Adventure Time: The Parents Visit London and Paris

Remember that trip I took to Florence? I kid you not, 12 hours after I got back to my room (2AM London time) my parents arrived in London.


Reunited with Mom!

I spent an incredible week with them, showing them Regent’s Park, Covent Garden, Borough Market, and the London Eye! Since I’m in school (apparently) they got to do a ton of stuff on their own.

IMG_4205_2Ethiopian food in Borough Market. Yum.


The view from the London Eye!

We did, however, embark on a journey to Paris through the Chunnel! That’s right, we took a train underground from London to Paris! IMG_4391_2 We stayed in a hotel right next to Arc de Triomphe and were right on the Charles De Gaulle metro stop–one of the biggest stops on the metro. IMG_4340_2

We also went to Montmartre Church where we saw a great view of the city.


We did EVERYTHING! We made a stop at the Muse de Louvre and said hey to our girl Mona Lisa. My mom and I did not take a selfie with the Mona Lisa because we are neither Eminem or tacky.


We visited the Eiffel Tower, as one does while they’re in Paris. We visited during the day and night because #Instagram.



I understand that I’m including a ton of Eiffel Tower pics, because they’re amazing and I’m a great photographer.




Mom, Steve, and me at the Eiffel Tower!

We also visited the Notre Dame, which is so cool because I learned about it school and I’m catholic so I’m obligated to visit. Also I’m a big Notre Dame fan (GO Fighting Irish!). It has an amazing history and was so stunning. I found out recently that two weeks after I visited, Tom Brady was spotted there. Not gonna lie, I’m a little disappointed. While we were there, we saw the Lock Bridge because why not?


While Paris itself was incredible, the place that excited me most was Versailles,  and NOT because Kim and Kanye got married there. Those who know my know that I think King Louis XIV is awesome. He wasn’t afraid to #dreambig and knew how to quell rebellion before it started. Needless to say Versailles was a stunning work of art. I loved the interior and the gardens and I wish I could have seen it intact.



Paris was better than I anticipated because there was so much to offer. The biggest detraction from the city was the people trying to sell stuff on the street. They were so relentless it was borderline harassment. All in all, I loved seeing my family and I really liked Paris, but it affirmed how much I truly love London.IMG_4395_2

Adventure Time: Florence

While I wasn’t initially planning on it, I took a spontaneous trip to Florence to visit my friend JCav. I was borderline broke but that’s life, ya know?

Florence was gorgeous. I was there for roughly 64 hours so we had our work cut out for us.

We did every part of the Il Duomo di Firenze: the dome, the bell tower, the cathedral and the baptistery. The views were amazing.


We also went to the Galleria dell’Accademia where I met my new BFF Michelangelo.


We finally spent my last few hours at the Boboli Gardens, eating our picnic lunch and enjoying glorious €1.25 boxed wine. All was–mostly–well.



It was an incredible way to spend an incredible weekend filled with gelato, pizza, pasta and coffee.





But really, the food was amazing.

Thanks for a great weekend, Florence!


Adventure Time: Spring Break Part 3 – Berlin


Remember that Spring Break trip I was telling you about? Here’s part 3.  We finally made it to Berlin, our last leg of the trip. I’d be lying if I said we weren’t exhausted by the constant traveling, but boy was Berlin an incredible place. There was an added bonus in Berlin–Zoe, one of my sister Christine’s best friends, who happened to be au pairing in the suburbs of Berlin. It was so nice to see a familiar face from Maine.


Me at the top of the Reichstag Building!

Anyway we saw the Berlin Wall, in three different spots, which at least to me was really incredible.

We also saw the Reichstag Building but alas no photo ops with Angela Merkel. Well, There’s always next time.


We saw the Berlin Wall Memorial and the Holocaust Memorial, which I found to be really moving. He holocaust memorial followed a half dozen families through the invasion of their homes and tracked them through the war. It was incredibly moving and worth visiting. The Berlin Wall Memorial, for me, highlighted the trauma of separation and the impact the war had on the people of Berlin. It was so haunting.

We also saw Checkpoint Charlie from where the American occupation of Berlin began. It was so weird to see “America” in Berlin.

Berlin is a perfect place for a history buff because it’s filled with an incredible history. I had visited many parts of Germany before but never Berlin so I’m so glad I finally did it.IMG_3937

Adventure Time: Spring Break Part 2 – Prague

A long long time ago, I wrote about Spring Break Part 1, where I spent 72 hours in Budapest. Next up, Prague.

It was AWESOME! Out hostel was 20m from the Charles River Bridge and it was amazing. They were super accommodating and the place was pretty cheap.

Because we were in such a prime location, we were right near all the major sites. Like:


The Lennon Wall


The Prague Castle


Old Town Prague Square

It was such a gorgeous city. The people were so nice and there was so much to do. We happened to stumble across the Changing of the Guards during our first full day there.


  We also enjoyed delicacies like these incredible crepes:


And while I don’t remember what this is called, it was everywhere and we knew we’d be kicking ourselves if we didn’t try it. And duh, it was cinnamon-sugar and Nutella goodness.


I implore everyone to go to Prague as I fell in love with it so fast. I probably could have spent all three days in the Old Town Square just people watching but there was so much to do and I tried to do it all.


But really, how great is this quote?

Late to the Party: Every thought I had while watching Season 1 of “Game of Thrones”

**This goes without saying but WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD**


  • I Can’t believe I’m finally watching this.
  • Hopefully since I know the story for Season 1 I’ll be desensitized to the gory and frustration of bad decision-making.
  • Nope, the opening credits to episode 1 haven’t rolled yet and I already closed my eyes due to brutal murder
  • Wow these credits are really long. Hopefully the map of Westeros proves helpful, although I don’t understand it at all.
  • Ugh Robb Stark and Jon Snow are gorgeous. I feel like this is the happiest the series gets, and it’s not even that happy because Jon Snow is still a bastard son and his dad’s wife hates him.
  • Pause, WINTER IS COMING.***


  • Catelyn Stark can throw mad shade. But isn’t Jon supposed to be like 16? I feel like that’s a little harsh especially since he’s bros with his real bros and his dad seems to like him. Stop perpetuating the mean step-mom stereotype!
  • Arya’s been on screen for literally one second and I can already tell that she’s the best thing this series has.


  • Should we be worried about these white walkers? The guy you’re about to murder seems mad scared and I think I might have seen one before the opening credits. Oh they’re gone? Never mind then. Off with his head!
  • I like the direworf metaphor. You’ll never fit in Jon Snow.
  • Okay, the main plot of this episode is that some guy who is the King’s bestie and also some sort of Stark in-law is dead and everyone is sad so now they want to come visit? Somehow this doesn’t seem like it’s going to end well.
  • Okay now we have to see Sansa. Sansa’s kind of the worst. Hun, I get that you have this romantic notion of the royals but literally everyone else in your family gets super shady around the Lannisters so stop talking about Ceresi’s hair plz.


  • So consensus is that we hate Targaryens. Hate is such a strong word.
  • I guess we should probs be checking in on the Targaryens, then. Somewhere in desert exile? Oh they’re all dead–or almost dead.
  • Viserys is a shitty brother. He’s also mad creepy and he selling his sister for an army.
  • Back to Winterfell where the king has arrived. Yay for the King’s entourage!
  • The King and Ned seem to be bros but something tells me that there’s some tension.


  • There’s a lot of nudity. Also Peter Dinkledge is the best.
  • Joffrey looks like a complete shit. Sansa look away.
  • Jamie Lannister is hot but he’s a Lannister so I need to admire from afar.
  • So King Robert didn’t come to Winterfell to mourn but to offer Ned the dead guy’s job? As his new right hand man?
  • Something tells me that Ned should stay in the North where he can execute whoever he wants.
  • See? Catelyn agrees. She thinks the dead guy (Jon Arryn?) was MURDERED!! OMG THIS IS A TERRIBLE IDEA*! Of course he’s going to do it anyway.
  • Also Joffrey and Tyrion are not friends.


  • Daenerys has to marry Khal Drogo who legit belongs on WWE. Also her bro is touching her boobs. That’s not okay.
  • Cersei, TMI on asking Sansa if she’s started her period. This whole Stark+Baratheon/Lannister=Love.Peace,Happiness. thing seems like a TERRIBLE IDEA.
  • Time for a Dothraki wedding. Happy violence ensues.
  • Sidenote: This is terrible foreshadowing: Jon-Snow-and-Robb-Stark-image-jon-snow-and-robb-stark-36713758-500-230
  • Wow there’s a lot of incest on this show, both literal and alluded to.
  • OMG Bran sees and then gets PUSHED OUT THE WINDOW!! #scarredforlife #literally


  • So Ned’s leaving and Jon’s leaving and Arya and Sansa are leaving. Who’s staying in Winterfell? Oh Bran is because JAMIE LANNISTER PUSHED HIM OUT A WINDOW BECAUSE HE SAW JAMIE AND CERSEI HAVE SEX AND THEY’RE SIBLINGS and now he’s in a COMA!!!! #incestisnotcool
  • Catelyn is being mean to Jon, who is just saying goodbye to the unconscious Bran. STOP BEING SO CRUEL, CATELYN!
  • Ned tells Jon that they’re going to finally discuss his mom when Ned comes back.** Somehow this doesn’t sound promising. (cue Fast and Furious 7 song *sobs*)
  • tumblr_ma1ng1v2Gg1qcp29wo1_500
  • Jon and Robb bro hug it out. They need a spinoff #JonandRobbtakeWesteros
  • Robb says he’s going to visit Jon at The Wall. Robb, what is this, college? (replay Fast and Furious 7 song *sobs*)


  • Catelyn is either still mourning an alive Bran or Ned’s departure. Sidenote: I love hoe she legit tells him not to come back with another bastard *throws shade at Jon Snow*.
  • Jon Snow gives Arya a sword. This seems to be foreshadowing but is too cute for words.


  • Ahhhh there’s an assassin in the room!!
  • OMG her hands!! My hands hurt just watching. Phew, Catelyn and Bran survive. Thanks Bran’s direwolf, I knew you would come in handy after the symbolism last episode. Time to investigate!
  • Now it’s time to have a secret meeting in the woods to share our findings even if it’s considered treason because you think the Lannisters tried to kill your kid #fuckinglannisters
  • LOL at Arya and Joffrey fighting. Arya can deff kick his ass. Too bad he’s being a little bitch and is going to whine to his mom.


  • Catelyn is obvs not going to stick around Winterfell because why would she do that? (cue Fast and Furious 7 song ) I guess big bro Robb is in charge and left to babysit. Also, Theon is a dick (lol).
  • Tyrion and Jon Snow are headed to The Wall and seem to kind of not totally hate each other. They should join Misfits. They would totally get along with Simon.
  • Surprise, Joffrey has people killed. And Sansa’s direwolf? Ugh I can’t watch.
  • Ned needs to not be investigating the Lannister fam because it legit got his predecessor killed. This is a TERRIBLE IDEA.*
  • King Robert is the worst king. He makes terrible decisions. He want’s to kill Dany so badly it’s taking time away from his wife, and he loves his wife (lol he hate’s Cersei).
  • Dany is starting to actually like Khal Drogo. They’re so cute! AND she get’s to have his baby? YAY for WWE legacy!
  • Viserys needs to slow his roll. He’s being annoying af and Khal Drogo is having none of it. Dany is Khaleesi, bitch, so back off!
  • Catelyn and Ned reunited in King’s Landing is adorable, though now they have to trust some asshole named Petyr Baelish aka Littlefinger.


  • There’s something about his mustache that makes me not want to trust him. Also his nickname is Littlefinger. Also he says not to. Also THAT MUSTACHE,
  • Catelyn decides to kidnap Tyrion because all signs point to him being guilty, which means he DEFF didn’t do it because Jamie did it!
  • Catelyn takes him to her sister’s, who is obviously going to accuse him of killing her husband.
  • I honestly don’t remember what’s going on anymore because she’s legit breastfeeding a TEN year-old. This kid is going to be 50 shades of fucked up if he makes it to adulthood.
  • But I guess the guy Bronn wins and Tyrion gets to leave?
  • Renly Baratheon is the least subtle person on the show.


  • Ned and Robert have a proper brodown and Ned threatens to leave. Oh Shit!
  • Wildlings try to kidnap Bran! Robb and Theon save him! But Theon almost accidentally kills Bran.


  • I feel like there’s not much of a story line here but they need to keep Robb in the game because he’s bae and he’ll do something notable later.
  • Jamie and Ned are about to have a brodown in a bad way. Oops, Ned gets stabbed in the leg, which seems like a terrible place to get stabbed, seeing how there are tendons to mutilate there.
  • Robert and Ned have another Brodown and Robert announces he’s going Boar hunting. Robert hits Cersei for being a bitch (which is wrong because spousal abuse is never okay!).


  • Ned and Robert have a heart to heart and they’re going to have a proper chat about the future when Robert gets back from Boar hunting.** Something tells me this isn’t going to end well. (cue Fast and Furious 7 song *sobs*)
  • Sensing tension, Ned decides to send Sansa and Arya back to Winterfell to hang with their bros. Naturally, Sansa’s pissed because she’s being a shit about having to leave Westeros’ biggest shit Prince Joffrey.
  • Eww she just said she wants to have his golden haired babies. Arya and I stop to vomit real quick. But she gives Ned an idea.
  • Back in the desert, KHAL DROGO KILLS VISERYS for being a piece of shit.


  • Jamie and Cersei have THREE KIDS! (vom vom vom) AND Ned tells Cersei he knows. WHY THE FUCK WOULD HE DO THAT! He legit just ruined the element of surprise which is a TERRIBLE IDEA*.
  • And as if things couldn’t get worse, of course Robert is mauled by a boar. I literally thought his murder sparks the war for the whole series and he dies because he couldn’t shoot a boar correctly?
  • This is not good for Ned.
  • After a brochat, Robert declares his real bros to be absolute shits and calls Ned his true brother #suhcute. He then makes an official document making Ned his Regent ruler until Joffrey’s legal (to drink)
  • WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEIR WITNESSES? This so going to backfire so badly.
  • Renly Baratheon, Robert’s brother wants to talk to Ned. Renly hasn’t done anything all season beside sit there, go hunting, and get a blow job and now he wants to be king? Ned’s like nah bro. Stannis, your cold older brother is better.
  • The next scene would be “Ned go see King Joffrey because you didn’t act and now Robert’s dead.”
  • In retrospect, Ned should have probably listened to Renly a little longer before laughing him out of the King’s Landing.
  • Ned appears before the court and announces that Joffrey shouldn’t be on the throne. Of course Cersei is going to rip up Robert’s final will because THERE WERE NO WITNESSES other than Ned, who deff benefits from the papers.
  • Littlefinger just betrayed Ned! I called it! I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT!


  • Ahhh they killed the old lady and the “dance teacher’!
  • Arya just legit killed a kid. Thx for Needle Jon Snow.
  • Varys, get Ned out of prison. THIS IS BULLSHIT!
  • “I trust you know you’re a dead man, Lord Eddard” has got to be the most depressing line I have ever heard. And Catelyn doesn’t have Tyrion anymore so there’s nothing to bargain with. This is depressing.
  • Cut to The Wall, which I forgot even exists. I’ve been so stressed with the horrible decisions at King’s Landing that I forgot there are other storylines on this show.
  • Jon Snow’s boss just told him to pour himself a drink=I have some bad news. Most likely, it’s your father has been arrested and is probs gonna die. Ugh poor Jon Snow.


  • The council just told Sansa that Ned’s a piece of shit. Ugh and Littlefinger is defending her. I hate Littlefinger and his scheming mustache. Ugh Cersei sucks. She’s like Robb better not fuck all this up but Robb is bae and can do whatever the fuck he wants, thank you very much #kingofthenorth
  • Robb is mad pissed. Ugh that Scottish accent. YES! He’s declaring war like Braveheart! Except he’s kind of terrified. Theon looks on like the smug prick he is.
  • Ooooh a Tully sister fight! Seriously though how can Lysa not tell Catelyn that Ned’s arrested and Robb plan’s to go to war. I’m still distracted by her son. He legit freaks me out.
  • Tyrion and Bronn need their own spinoff #OnTheRoadwithTyrionandBronn
  • Oh no, Jon Snow’s getting into a brawl defending his father’s honor and now he’s in time out. He should become a Stark already!
  • After escaping timeout, some dead guy becomes the GOT version of Inferi and tries to attack Commander Jeor Mormont. That’s why nobody puts Jon Snow in a corner.
  • I have no idea what is going on with the Dothraki but there’s a lot of murder right now. Apparently rape is okay, which is deff not okay. The Dothraki men are pissed that Dany hates it and Jorah seems to know something the others don’t. Dany is badass.
  • Khal Drogo and some guy named Mago have a brotalk as to why he can’t rape people. Dany is so noble and she knows that she is Khaleesi. Mago is pissed af. There’s deff going to be a real fight now.
  • Khal Drogo is like fight me, bitch. I’ll even let you scratch me. He’s even more pissed af and legit ripped the guy’s throat out. WITH HIS BARE HANDS. He’s deff the heavyweight champ.
  • This is an awkward dinner party. Planning for war does not seem fun. Robb’s direwolf just ate a guy’s finger off and it settled their spat. I don’t get the art of war.
  • Brotalk with Robb and Bran. Robb’s leaving in the middle of the night. (cue Fast and Furious 7 song *sobs*) Literally every Stark but Bran has left Winterfell. THIS IS A TERRIBLE IDEA* No offense to Bran, the whole “There will always be a Stark in Winterfell” shouldn’t count when he’s ten and can’t really make major decision.
  • Oh yeah, there’s another little brother. I feel like he’s largely forgotten about.
  • OMG the little Stark just legit told Bran that everyone is leaving.(replay Fast and Furious 7 song ) Is he the Peyton Sawyer of the North? But he just laid some #realtalk onto Bran who is naive enough to believe that Robb’s going to return with Catelyn and Ned. 
  • Ugh the Stark Family is breaking my heart. (replay Fast and Furious 7 song *sobs*)
  • Sam says the White Walkers are back. He’s like they’re just sleeping and when they wake up they’re going to kill everyone. Wow the Wall seems like a shitty place to be.
  • When mom interrupts your war planning. #hugitout
  • Catelyn just gave Robb the worst pep talk. If you lose we all die.
  • I think it’s worth point out that Robb throws great shade.


  • I feel like Tyrion and Tywin have the best father-daughter relationship ever
  • Back to war planning with the Starks. Robb is being such a bae right now.
  • Joffrey’s still being a shit. AND they fired Ser Barrister who is the boss of the knights and he is mad PISSED. Littlefinger is such a shit. Ser Barrister don’t die! He literally just stormed out of the hall like it was a stage. He’s the Beyonce of the Knights.
  • I’m actually mildly impressed with Sansa’s bargaining skills. I want Ned to be spared but I don’t trust ANYTHING Joffrey says.
  • Varys is being super nice right now but this series as literally destroyed my trust forever and now I don’t know where my loyalties lie. He’s like BTW, Ned, Robb’s coming for you. And now he’s trying to convince Ned to listen to his daughter, Sansa. I bet dad’s hate that. But at least Varys kind of seems like he’s on Ned’s side. Ned’s like, Bitch, I don’t care about my life! HONOR FOREVER!
  • Oooh this is the first I’m hearing of the infamous Walder Frey. I like how the Starks shoot down his birthday card to his grandkid. Catelyn is all “Lord Walder would never hurt me” lol.
  • Walder Frey’s all like I don’t have loyalites!!
  • Ugh Commander is rewarding Jon Snow with presents. #brosforlife WHAT? Dany’s advisor Jorah is his SON? That doesn’t surprise me but how did I miss that?
  • Sam is always moping. He’s such a gossip queen. He’s like your bro Robb is declaring war on King’s Landing. I’m so scared but I’m going to tell you that he’ll be fine. *Jon is now conflicted*
  • Catelyn returns triumphantly. She smugly tells the group that Walder Frey gave in to her demands AND gave troops. There has to be a catch. Robb knows. Robb gets a Frey lackey and… She arranged Arya’s marriage? AND? Arranged a marriage for ROBB?
  • There is so much shade being thrown right now with “I see” and “Does he have hot daughters?” Robb’s like FUCK, FINE MOM STOP RUINING MY LIFEEEEE”
  • Whenever Jon Snow starts talking, he sounds desperate for affection. “Ned is my father and Robb is my brother” Man I’m so sad that they’re probs never going to see each other again (Fast and Furious 7 song *sobs*)
  • The Maester Eamon is going on about his past and how legit everyone in his family was brutally murdered. This is sad. Jon’s naive so he’s like “who are you?”
  • A TARGARYAN? Jon and I are both like:
  • Eamon’s like everyone was murdered and I didn’t leave the Wall so you can too.


  • OMG back in the desert, Khal Drogo’s baby scratch seems to be hurting him and he just fell off a horse. Khaleesi is being a boss right now but Khal Drogo’s men are being a little difficult.
  • Tyrion is complaining about his Wildlings to Tywin who wants to send them all to the front lines. Tyrion feels like such a dad right now. #notreadyforparenthood Tyrion stomps away all pissy. It’s a good thing Bronn found Tyrion a prostitute (lol at Bronn going to get himself one after hearing that they’re going to be on the front line)
  • WHY IS KHAL DROGO DYING? Jorah is like he’s dying and I’m like OH SHIT! Jorah says Khaleesi needs to flee. There are some severe threats flying in Dothraki right now.
  • Jorah just legit murdered a Dothraki dude.
  • Drinking games with Bronn, Tyrion, and Shae. It’s like Never Have I Ever meets Westeros.
  • Tyrion used to be married? That’s why he’s so bitter. See? Love=bitterness
  • Lol at Tyrion being unconscious the entire battle
  • I’m so confused right now. But at least Robb’s alive. Catelyn and I are both crying night now. THEY HAVE JAMIE AS A HOSTAGE OMG OMG #leverage
  • Robb is so bold and apparently smart. Theon is an idiot.
  • Jamie wants to do a fight with Robb to end the war lol. What do you take him for, Jamie? He’s fucking KING OF THE NORTH.
  • Ned and Arya make eye contact and I’m sobbing.
  • Heroic Ned tells some guy in the crowd to fetch Arya. Sansa looks at Ned because she thinks she saves him. Littlefinger is looking like a dick.


  • I’m so emotional right now. Ned’s confessing for his kids. He’s so brave and noble and he just went against his beliefs and called Joffrey legit. Yay we’re calling for mercy!
  • Even Ceresi says he should not be executed, yay!! NOOOOOO Joffrey. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. This is too much. The entire council is freaking the fuck out. Sansa’s freaking the fuck out. I’m freaking the fuck out. THEY JUST KILLED NED FUCKING STARK. OMG OMG OMG. I knew this was happening and I’m still shocked. (cue Fast and Furious 7 song *sobs*)


  • I’m still in shock. I better just watch the finale to see what happens. Bae better declare and even greater war.
  • Someone loyal is taking Arya somewhere.
  • Who is Bran again? Lol jk. What’s the deal with this 3-eyed raven?
  • Thanks Bran, for actually providing insight for Raeghor. Also Rickard exists even less than Bran. Oh no, the old man looks sad and is carrying a letter. In like 5 mins, everyone’s going to know of Ned’s death.
  • Catelyn in mourning in the trees. I feel her pain. Robb’s killing a tree and crying at the same time. Reactions to death always gets me. At least they get to mourn together.


  • Normally, “I’m going to kill them all” is a childish thing to say but I feel like he could actually do that.
  • Poor Sansa though, she has to mourn with these shits. Joffrey is a psychopath. I feel like even Ceresi should hate him.


  • JOFFREY’S SHOWING SANSA HER FATHER’S HEAD? HE’S THE FUCKING WORST. And he just told her he’s going to hive her Robb’s head. Tbh Ned’s hair is still gorgeous.
  • Sansa just looked like she was going to legit murder Joffrey. Fucking Hound stopped her.
  • Back to warplanning where we try to figure out who we back as king. Renly or Stannis? I feel like this is going to come up often.
  • Now we’re hearing a very long speech from this guy whose name I forget but speaks often. He’s like FUCK THE LANNISTERS. FUCK THE BARATHEONS. FUCK THE TARGARYANS. We’re from the North, which is better. I agree since I’m also from the North (of the United States). Everyone’s like FUCK YEAH, Robb Stark. KING OF THE NORTH! I’m so moved.
  • Jamie’s being a sick to Catelyn right now. Jamie’s like yeah, I pushed Bran out the window but I won’t tell you why because I was having sex with my sister and you’d probs just laugh at me anyway.
  • Ceresi is now having sex with her cousin? She loves incest, which is weird.
  • Tywin is scary af. He’s like “Joffrey is the worst. And he botched so many opportunities to negotiate fro Jamie’s release” I feel like he doesn’t want to he Hand of the King he hates his grandson, which makes sense.
  • The sorceress is behind this? That bitch!
  • Jon Snow is mourning Ned, now. He wants to ride with Robb. This is amazing. Sam is trying to stop him. He’s like the Neville of the Night’s Watch.
  • Sam just fell off a course. LOL The Night’s Watch bros are trying to save him. #brotherhood
  • Dany and Khal Drogo are so sad. He’s almost dead, and Miracle Max is nowhere to be found.
  • This is just like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Next. Drogo is McMurphy and Dany is Chief Bromden. (*weeps to Fast and Furious 7 song *)
  • The old guy on the council is rambling to the prostitute. He’s bragging about all the king’s he knew. He seems a little cray to be honest, and like he could croak in any second.
  • He is deff more capable than he lets on. That hunchback isn’t real!!
  • Varys and Littlefinger are brochatting about the Iron Throne. Varys is like fuck no, I don’t want to be king. Littlefinger needs to not ask so many questions about Varys balls and penis, or lack-there-of. It’s a little creepy.
  • I bet Littlefinger plays Drake on the reg *Started from the bottom, now we’re here*
  • Yoren is “recruiting” Arya for the Night’s Watch.
  • Oh HAAAY Gendry.




  • Jon Snow is headed beyond the wall #party
  • Dany is burning Khal Drogo and that bitch who killed him.



Always remember: giphy-1

*This is going to be a recurring theme.
**Another recurring theme

Special thanks to The Fast and Furious Franchise for the saddest farewell song in existence.

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Late to the Party: “Scream”

Full disclaimer, as a general rule of thumb, I am terrified of scary movies. On the other hand, I love 90s teen movies to an unhealthy degree. So when my film class was showing Scream (1996) I was nervous but excited a la Zac Efron.


It turns out, this movie is everything I dreamed of. From 90s fashion to house parties, I knew I was in for a treat. Except for the whole scary part of it. Now, I get that it isn’t that scary in the grand scheme of the horror genre, I’m just very jumpy when it comes to things popping up on the screen.


The fact that is was also hilarious and kinda spoofed the horror genre was definitely helpful in the not-so-scary department but I’ll admit that for the first ten minutes, I had my sweatshirt ready to hide under.


So the plot of the movie is kinda ridiculous, especially with that tacky Halloween mask as the Big Bag, Ghostface. Sidenote: I now understand the rapper Ghostface Killah’s name, I think. Also, Drew Barrymore’s hair in this film is terrible. It looks like a wig. I hope it’s a wig.

Most importantly, I thought the casting was spectacular:

  • Neve Campbell is the perfect choice for Sydney since Julia Salinger is the perfect girl-next-door, although admittedly, Bonnie, Campbell’s character in The Craft isn’t.
  • Skeet Ulrich both gorgeous and mad creepy, which is what makes him a great Billy. He kinda looks like Johnny Depp, circa A Nightmare On Elm Street, which shockingly, I’ve never seen. Either way, the scene where Billy’s like “SURPRISE! I’m a mass murderer who also killed your mom last year” is crazy epic.
  • David Arquette and Rose McGowen are fantastic as the bickering siblings Dewey and Tatum Riley. Dewey is probably the worst deputy on the face of the earth and Tatum should have known better than to try and escape through a doggy door. That never ends well.
  • Courtney Cox is also in the movie playing someone not named Monica Gellar.


  • Jamie Kennedy‘s character Randy is really cool because he’s kind of breaking the forth wall by comparing the happenings in the film to a scary movie and uses the genre to anticipate what’s happening next. It’s like scary movie-ception.
  • I think we need to talk about Matthew Lillard. Homeboy STEALS THIS MOVIE. I’m under the firm impression that he is a highly underrated comedic actor who needs to be in more things. Stu is by far the best character in this film. He’s your average obnoxious teenager, who’s obviously hilarious. THEN he’s this crazy accomplice to boyfriend Billy’s murderous tendencies. They’re Ghostface Killah!!! Honestly though. Even though Stu’s straight-up killing people, he’s still hilarious.


So overall, the plot was incredibly unrealistic, but the movie would be mad boring if it had been.

Body Count: 8

Number of Actors From Live Action Scooby Doo!: 1

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